About NC Surfacing - Tarmac | Tar & Chip Driveway and Surfacing
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About us

About NC Surfacing?

Get to know all about NC Surfacing, we are a nationwide surfacing and paving contractor operating from bases in YorkLincolnDoncasterManchester and Durham.

With over 15 years of  delivering quality ground surfaces, our clients can get to know all about NC Surfacing.  We pride ourselves in knowing we can give each client what they want. That can be anything from pot hole filling to a full resurfacing job.

Our primary services are Tarmac, resin and tar & chip driveways As well as surface dressing with hard stone aggregates and general road repairs.

We can advise on the best choice of materials for each job. This being dependent on the use and traffic type on the area you wish to have surfaced or resurfaced. We are specialists in surfacing driveways and highways, having completed a lot of work for various district councils.

In general we recommend tar and chipping for private driveways and light traffic private rural roads. As this surface type is low cost, and highly durabile.

For forecourts, business district car parks and other commercial or heavier traffic areas we provide sealed asphalt (tarmacadam with aggregates) surfacing.

As well as surfacing we offer services for kerbs and edging work, a long with simple gravel driveways.

We will quote competitively for any job, no matter how big or small.

We can also offer recycled Tarmac® [*] to help you economise.

 *Tarmac® is a registered trademark and is the property of Tarmac Ltd.

We reference here because of common usage and because in this case the recycled product may have actually been produced by Tarmac Ltd.

About NC Surfacing